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Building for the Future with Cowgate Under 5's

Cowgate’s Under 5s have been treated to a series of workshops with our Education Officer Russell Clegg to help build the next generation of historic building lovers.

Situated in Old Assembly Close, the nursery is one of Riddle’s Court’s nearest educators and focuses on discovery learning and child led activities. With Riddle’s Court opening as The Patrick Geddes Centre for Learning in 2017, Cowgate’s methods closely mirror Geddes’ own approach to active learning – encapsulated in his motto ‘Vivendo Discimus – By Living We learn.’

Building for the Future with Cowgate Under 5's
Cowgate Under 5's

Russell explained that ‘I wanted to capture the natural curiosity young learners have for building and construction with curricular outcomes such as problem solving, presenting ideas and discovering the roles of people associated with building projects.’

Riddle’s Court site manager, Douglas Bowe from building contractors John Dennis, visited the Centre to explain his role in the project and importantly how everyone was kept safe. The children were able to watch images of the site work on film then later donned hard hats and high-vis vests to visit outside of Riddle’s Court.

At Riddle’s Court they were able to hear some of the building activity from outside the hoardings and see the stone masons at work. The children were excited to see site workers climbing up and down the ladders and around the scaffolding.

The children were encouraged to observe the different shapes used in the historic buildings of the High Street on their walk between the Old Assembly Close and Riddle’s Court; they then went back to the nursery and used cardboard construction materials to build a ‘stone’ arch.

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